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The Packers Summer Vacation Is On

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Forget what I said yesterday about the Green Bay Packers. The scheduled practice for Wednesday is off, and the players are outta there until training camp. Greg Bedard tweeted that "the guys looked like they didn't want to be there anymore."

A couple notes from Mike McCarthy's final press conference for a while:

 - The good news is that Allen Barbre won't be playing RT again. The bad news is that he is now playing at left tackle. 

 - When asked about the return game he mentioned S Will Blackmon and CB Tramon Williams as return men.

 - Despite the consensus at APC to start T.J. Lang at left guard, McCarthy said Lang will work at RT and RG.

Why didn't McCarthy mention rookie CB Sam Shields as a return man? Because he's having trouble hanging onto the ball. It doesn't matter if a player is the best athlete on the team, if he can't hang onto the ball he isn't going to make the team.

Maybe CB Charles Woodson is just being a homer, but according to he said rookie 3rd round pick S Morgan Burnett looks good and all he needs now is game experience. SS Atari Bigby better not hold out from training camp if he wants to start. He might not get his job back.