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StarCaps Case Update and Minicamps Close Around The NFC North

 - Are you still following the Williams Wall StarCaps case? It looks like Vikings DT Kevin Williams and DT Pat Williams will play in "most if not all of the 2010 season." Or maybe the NFL will ask to have the temporary injunctions lifted. So the case continues on with no clear resolution, but I'd be surprised if they're forced to sit out any games this season.

 - The Packers finished their offseason work on Tuesday. The Vikings had their minicamp a couple of weeks ago. The Bears have just concluded their final OTAs (their minicamp was back in May). Only the Lions still have minicamp open and they finish up this later week minus the practices they forfeited. Jim Schwartz isn't too happy about the league's decision take away two OTA days, but Mike McCarthy said there are rules and GM Ted Thompson makes sure they're followed.