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McCarthy: Underwood Is Improved

A follow-up on the thin cornerback situation we discussed yesterday. Via Kevin Seifert at

"I think Brandon Underwood would definitely be a candidate for most improved player from year one to year two so far from what I've seen," McCarthy said. "I think he's really matured in the weight room. He looks very good right now. I know we're only practicing in shorts and helmets, but I think Brandon Underwood is off to an outstanding spring so far. I've been very pleased with what he has shown on film." 

Underwood was part of the defensive disaster in the NFC wildcard game. There were at least a couple obvious plays where he ran to double-cover one receiver which left another one wide open, but it's hard to tell whether that was his blown assignment. He might have not even made the roster if CB Pat Lee hadn't been placed on I.R. to start the 2009 season. Since they moved Will Blackmon to safety and didn't draft a cornerback last April they've put a lot of faith in Underwood to improve. We'll just have to wait and see whether McCarthy is right.