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Breaking News: Packer Player Under Criminal Investigation

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According to NBC 15 in Madison and others, an unidentified Green Bay Packer is under investigation for an alleged sexual assault in the Wisconsin Dells area last night.

A number of players were in the Dells area for Clay Matthews' golf tournament this weekend (where they apparently spelled Matthews' name incorrectly), and evidently were questioned this morning in regards to a sexual assault reported by two women. The women directed police to a condo rented by the players, and all seven were questioned and released. Six, including Matthews, are not considered suspects, while investigation continues on the seventh player, who was released from custody.

UPDATE: As many people have noted in the comments, JSOnline is reporting that CB Brandon Underwood is the player under suspicion.

The six players who were interviewed and released under no criminal suspicion:

QB Matt Flynn
FB Korey Hall
OLB Brad Jones
S Khalil Jones
OLB Clay Matthews
G Josh Sitton

The player who is still under investigation has not been identified. I'll update with any more information as it comes in.