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Analysis: Packer Player Under Investigation In Alleged Assault

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Multiple reports have identified CB Brandon Underwood as the seventh member of the Green Bay Packers who remains under investigation in an alleged sexual assault that took place early Saturday in Lake Delton, Wisconsin. 

Most of what we know comes from two reports.

This report by the Lake Delton Police Department is via the Press-Gazette:

 - At 4:17 am on Saturday morning, the police responded to a 911 call from two women who reported that they had been sexually assaulted. They directed the police to a condo rented by seven players.

 - The police interviewed all seven, and all of them cooperated. All seven were released. Six players were named (QB Matt Flynn, S Khalil Jones, RG Josh Sitton, FB Korey Hall, LB Brad Jones, and LB Clay Matthews) because they are not suspected of criminal activity. One player remains under investigation.

Lee Bergquist and Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel filled in some of the blanks with this report:

 - The players were in town for a golf tournament and met the two women at a bar. The incident happened before they all returned to the condo.

 - The police chief expects to "take the case to the district attorney on Monday or Tuesday to consider charges."

 - Several players anonymously said Underwood has been a problem. However Mike McCarthy went out of his way to praise him last week, which I can't imagine he'd do if Underwood hadn't actually improved his preparation and practice.

Four of the six players interviewed by police on Saturday then participated in WR Donald Driver's charity softball game on Sunday, but they didn't say much about what happened in Lake Delton. Matthews said it was "one person's misjudgment."

S Will Blackmon is just saying it's a good thing he's golfing in Rhode Island instead.

So whether this story really has an impact on the team depends on whether charges are filed next week. Reading between the lines of what the players said on Sunday is that one player's misjudgment got them all involved with the police, and they aren't thrilled that their names have been dragged into his mess. But it's not clear how serious this "misjudgment" was. We'll have to wait until the district attorney says later this week whether it's criminal misjudgment.