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On Johnny Jolly and SB Nation Regional

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It will never end. From "Jolly trial set for first day of Packers training camp." DE Johnny Jolly is "scheduled" to begin his trial now on July 30. I have no doubt there will another delay for some reason.

You may notice the new "SB Nation Regional" blogroll in the left hand sidebar. While there is no SB Nation Wisconsin in the immediate plans, we've launched six regional hub sites to gather all sports news from those particular regions. It's safe to say that Green Bay Packer fans are also fans of other teams and regions so check it out to see if any of those regional sites may be of interest to you. Here's a link to the NY Times with an article on the launch of our regional hubs. And I have no idea why those particular regions got to go first. My best guess is that it depended on whether someone was willing to undertake all the work necessary to get the regional hub started. For example, we've begun with SB Nation Arizona and I expect it's because of regional sports editor Seth Pollack who's a rock star among bloggers for his excellent work over at Bright Side of the Sun. His video asking other players to shoot with one-eye (while wearing an eye patch) like Steve Nash did during the playoffs was very cool.