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Start: Bryan Bulaga or Chad Clifton at Left Tackle

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I've been generally positive of the Green Bay Packers decision to re-sign LT Chad Clifton. While he's never been perfect, he's remained a solid pass protector, and Pro Football Focus gave him a respectable pass block rating of 8.0 for 2009. He not very good in any other catagory, nor has he been over his career, but a left tackle who can still pass block is a good thing. The decision to re-sign him looked good back in March when there didn't appear to be anyone better on the bench or available in free agency.

A month later, LT Bryan Bulaga is selected in the 1st round. It would be interesting to learn what would have happened if GM Ted Thompson had known for sure that Bulaga would have been available at their spot in the draft. Back in March, he was typically projected to go No. 5 overall to the Chiefs. He's been described as "advanced" and "NFL-ready" and "can start from day one." It seems unlikely that he'll be better than Clifton by the start of the regular season, but it certainly is possible.

Clifton's contract was structured with $6.375 million as a roster bonus and all his guaranteed money ($7.5 million in total) is due in 2010. They are going to pay it to him whether he starts or sits.