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Aaron Rodgers Loves ESPN

Since I'm someone who usually changes the channel or hits the mute button anytime one of the ESPN talking heads comes on Sportscenter (I'm only watching the highlights), I'm firmly in QB Aaron Rodgers's camp on this one. Shutdown Corner has part of the transcript where he bashes Tony Kornheiser ("I don't think (he) knows anything about sports"), Ron Jaworski ("I know your song and dance") and Marcellus Wiley ("He's not any good.")

Later he tweeted that he "didn't realize people actually listened to a homers show" and it was "in jest." Does he really think these guys know nothing, or are they all friends and was he just giving the ESPN guys a hard time? My guess is that the truth is somewhere in between. And it probably doesn't matter since he's arguably the best (fantasy) QB in the NFL, and they're not.

Kornheiser said in response, via The Big Lead, that Rodgers vented because Kornheiser was "publicly critical of the Packers" when they "got rid of [Brett] Favre for an untested player." He should listen to the interview again because Rodgers was being critical of the dumb questions you were asking during MNF production meetings and not what you said publicly.

And he can rip my Monday morning QB analysis anytime he wants because I don't know what to do against a storm blitz either.