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Andrew Brandt On Mark Chmura and Brandon Underwood

Andrew Brandt has written a couple of good articles in regards to the CB Brandon Underwood assault investigation, including a brief recollection of the Deuce of Davenport incident, and he compares it the criminal trial of TE Mark Chmura. From the National Football Post:

What struck me driving back that day was that how, in the blink of an eye, Mark Chmura’s career, reputation, image and family life changed, all on a public stage. That is how fast it can happen, which should be a cautionary tale for all players, including Underwood.

As mentioned in previous comments, the incident doesn't appear quite as bad as it did initially. As reported by the Press-Gazette, RG Josh Sitton said the charges are "bogus" and Underwood is now back at practice with the first team defense.