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Packer Blog Roundup - On Rookie Signings, Super Bowl Picks, and Zone Blocking

 - The Green Bay Packers have just started to sign their draft picks, the first three signed last week, but it's not something to worry about on July 1. Here's a great updated list of signings around the NFL from Walter Football. My guess is that the next Packer to sign is S Morgan Burnett. With three CBs drafted right ahead of him signed, and the Lions just signed CB Amari Spievey, and two other DBs signed right after him, his contract slot should be pretty well determined.

 - One FOX Sports talking head jumps on the Packers-to-the-Super-Bowl bandwagon and Jersey Al and packergeeks ask him to jump off already. I have to admit I'd like to keep my expectations low right now. I'm sure I'll be irrational and expect them to win every game no later than Week 5.

 - Aaron Nagler at Cheesehead TV writes about RB Ryan Grant in the zone blocking scheme. While the Packers aren't zone blocking 100% of the time, the scheme does seem to be a good fit for Grant, who's very good at making one cut and hitting the gap. 

 - From Jersey Al's Blog: Which undrafted free agent has a real shot at making the team? The easy answer is one of the two undrafted free agent punters. My best guess is an undrafted WR, such as Chastin West, will make the team as the No. 5 WR. It'll all come down to whether any of those receivers can actually hang onto the ball during preseason games. 

 - From Green Bay Packer Nation: The top 5 most exciting games of the past three years. I would have to include the three playoff games. The one regular season game that really remains memorable for me was Week 1 vs. the Eagles in 2007. After sitting through the difficult 2005 and 2006 season, to watch them beat a good team when they didn't play their best was a major turnaround. It made me wonder how good they could be in 2007.