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Season Ticket Waiting List and the 2010 Packers Hall of Fame Class

 - You're never getting Green Bay Packers season tickets if you put your name on the waiting list now, but according to the Press-Gazette, the people getting season tickets today have "only" been waiting 40 years. Congratulations Tina. 

 - The 2010 class for the Packers Hall of Fame includes TE Mark Chmura, TE Marv Fleming, and RT Greg Koch. Fleming was before my time, and I bet nearly everyone reading this remembers Chewy playing during the 1990s. Most also remember his fall from grace, but as Andrew Brandt said "time seems to heal all wounds." But I'm really bummed that I don't remember Koch. He seemed like a solid player on the great 1982-1983 offense (the defense was another story), and one of the unfortunate players purged in the mid-1980s by Forrest Gregg (great player, idiot coach). I was just a kid watching Packers football in the 1980s and not yet savvy enough to watch the lineman.