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The 2010 NFL Preview: Can The Packers Beat The Vikings?

As much as I love to read previews of the upcoming season, I'll probably start with the Football Outsiders Almanac, I'm not into writing them. I'm more interested in discussing about where the Green Bay Packers are struggling as a team (so they can do something to fix it). When I have tried to write a detailed season preview, I've usually ended up picking the same division winners as last season.

Every season the first question I have is whether they can win the NFC North. They don't necessarily have to beat all the teams in the division to win the crown, but it sure doesn't hurt. I was reading a statistical preview of the NFC North at WhatIfSports, and it said the Packers had a 64% chance of winning at Lambeau vs. the Vikings and a 57% chance in Minnesota. I'm not questioning the statistical analysis, but after watching two heartbreaking losses to the Vikings last season, I'm not ready to say they are more likely to win both of their games against them next season.

While I'm optimistic in 2010, I don't know have the answer to my Vikings question. The Packers are capable, they've taken steps to improve the team in 2010, but do you think it's enough to beat the Vikings?