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Washington Post: Where Will Terrell Owens Play in 2010?

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At the same time Jonathan was pondering whether WR Terrell Owens would play for the Green Bay Packers, I was asked to write about Owens for the Washington Post:

Despite all the bad news on the field, he should still have a job in the NFL somewhere. For his career he's averaged 14.9 yards per catch, and last season his average was 15.1. At 6'3" and 224 lbs., he still should have some advantage against smaller defensive backs...

While he should still be playing in the NFL, the baggage he brings doesn't offset what he can still do to help on offense.

I didn't specifically mention the Packers in the article for the Post, but I was thinking about it.

Let me begin by saying there is no way he would sign as a backup for the Packers, which is all he is good for at this point in his career. And alarm bells should go off at the thought of bringing The T.O. Show to Green Bay.

But he certainly is a great backup. He still has his size advantage over smaller cornerbacks, he has a lot of experience as a starter, and he rarely misses any games with injury. While everyone remembers him missing the 2004 playoffs when the Eagles made a run to the Super Bowl, he's only missed one game since then due to injury (and several for being a knucklehead in 2005). That's a great 4th or 5th WR, and the Packers don't have a clear option as the No. 5 WR at the moment. He's someone who can step in immediately as a competent starter in case of injury which is useful because in the past, when the Packers have had to promote someone from the practice squad to fill in, they're lucky if the rookie can even run the right route.

As I said before, there is no way he'd sign with the Packers, and he'd be very unhappy at the end of the Packers bench so I can't imagine the team would even want him sitting there. It's just a shame he's got a two cent head because he should still be playing.