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Dream Scenario: Who Would You Love See Play For The Packers?

Enforcer's Fan Post got me thinking about this topic, which was started by another Fan Post over at Pride of Detroit

If the Packers could take any player off another team's roster, I'd take the Browns LT Joe Thomas. Though I hope LT Chad Clifton has at least one more good season left in him, Thomas would be a huge upgrade to help keep QB Aaron Rodgers in one piece long-term. I don't want to see the sacks pile up again like they did in early 2009. I've got no problem having Bryan Bulaga become the right tackle of the future instead, and sliding T.J. Lang in at left guard. As an added bonus, Thomas is a local kid who grew up in Wisconsin and played at the University of Wisconsin.

There's an easy case to be made for someone like the Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley or Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware too. But I'd still go for Thomas first.