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Another Reason We're Glad To Have Aaron Rodgers

Len Pasquarelli over at has a good post about the offseason's ultimate bargain: QB Jason Campbell to the Raiders for a 2012 4th round draft pick. While Campbell's not a great QB, he's posted respectable numbers over his career so far. The 29 year old QB has started 52 games in 4 seasons, completed 61.2% of his passes, and thrown 55 TDs with only 38 INTs. He might not improve on those numbers in Oakland, but he's proven to be a competent QB, which alone is a massive upgrade over the garbage they've had at QB over the past several seasons:

Not since 2002, when Rich Gannon connected on 67.6 percent of his attempts, have the Raiders employed a starting quarterback with a completion mark in excess of 60 percent. The last time an Oakland quarterback threw 20 or more touchdown passes was in 2005, when Kerry Collins recorded 25.

It made me compare to what we've watched as Packer fans since 2002. In the past seven seasons, the Packers have only once had a QB with a completion mark below 60 percent and/or fewer than 20 TDs: QB Brett Favre in 2006, when he had a completion percentage of 55.9% and threw for 18 TDs. What's routine for the Packers is something Raider fans have been waiting for since 2002.