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Atari Bigby Signed His Contract

I don't know why SS Atari Bigby kept the Green Bay Packers waiting. Maybe he wanted a long-term deal. Maybe he wanted to skip the offseason activities. Whatever the reason, he wasn't doing himself any major harm, though it doesn't help him that his absence gave rookie 3rd round S Morgan Burnett a lot of playing time with the first-team defense.

The only thing that would've really hurt was if he had missed the start of training camp, but apparently that's not going to happen. From ESPN's Adam Schefter:

And why can't ESPN find someway to turn his tweets into actual blog posts? But I digress...

Burnett's had a good offseason, but expect Bigby to be back with the first-team defense for the start of training camp. Will he be able to hold onto the starting job...?