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On The Packers Shareholders Meeting

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I missed all the fun at the Green Bay Packers shareholders meeting, but Brian Carriveau of Cheesehead TV posted a live blog if you want to read all the details. The primary purpose was to report the team's financial report, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell attended the meeting too. According to the Journal-Sentinel, he didn't kill the idea of playing the Super Bowl in Green Bay, but it still seems like a long shot. 

The commish was primarily there to talk about the NFL's financial condition, but he did take some hard hitting questions from the fans:

Immediately after the team's financial presentation to about 8,300 shareholders seated in Lambeau Field, Goodell stayed on stage to answer presubmitted questions from fans. One asked if she could have a hug, just like players get at the NFL draft. Goodell said yes, so Beth Lohr of De Pere, Wis., went on stage and embraced the commissioner.