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SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame Nomination #6 - Vince Lombardi

When I initially posted the results, I mentioned that some names on the ballot were selected on nearly every one. And it's probably no surprise that Vince Lombardi was one of those names. The only ballots he missed was when someone made just one selection instead of picking a top 10. 

He's arguably the greatest football coach in the history of the sport, and, obviously, he's had the Super Bowl trophy named in his honor. He was immediately elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971 just a few months after his death.

The only tarnish on his years with the Packers was how it ended. After the 1967 season, he stepped down as head coach (but remained on as general manager) and regretted it just a few months later. Which is how he ended up coaching one season with the Redskins in 1969 instead of remaining a Green Bay Packer for life. 

He won the NFL championship/Super Bowl in 5 of his 9 seasons as head coach, but his first season in 1959 might have been his most impressive. In 1958, the Packers fielded one of their worst teams ever. They went 1-10-1, and were outscored by 189 points in only 12 games. But their struggles weren't because they had bad players. Many of the great offensive players of the 1960s (Starr, Hornung, Taylor, etc.) and many of the great defensive players (Nitschke) were on that awful, awful 1958 team. This was not an up-and-coming team that he stumbled into. He took a group of talented, but underachieving, players and turned them around. The 1959 Packers went 7-5, by 1960 they were back in the playoffs, and then won the NFL champions in 1961