Three Packers Fail the First Test of the Season

Perhaps it is not the most important thing of note at the start of training camp, but three Packers have failed their physical at the beginning of camp. It is tough to tell what this means for our team this early, but some interesting story lines are starting to unfold already.

First there is no surprise that Al Harris didn't pass the physical. Good news is that there is still talk of him being ready early on. Personally I don't think that will happen. Harris will probably start the season on the pup list and really shouldn't be up to close to full strength by about mid-season. But hey, it's tough to count Harris out. The dude is out to prove all of us wrong and if he can the Packers are in much better shape.

Next there is Atari Bigby. Bigby isn't entirely surprising either since there were reports that he was trying to get his ankle right through the delays in signing his tender. Good news of all this is Burnett still getting time with the first team defense. That's a great thing for his development. Bad news is that Bigby has struggled to get his ankle right for a while now, and if it's still not right it could be a very bad thing. Burnett panning out or not, the Packers are in a bad spot if Bigby can't get on the field if only on a rotation basis.

The last one to fail the physical was a bit surprising, James Starks. Starks has gotten a fair bit of love around here and more than one have listed Starks as TT great steal this year. More than one have even hoped that Starks would push Jackson at the number 2 spot. These hopes will not come to be if Starks becomes injury prone. One failed physical doesn't earn him that label, but it should worry those Starks fans out there.

Overall the Packers are in great shape. Tomorrow things the pads come on and the hitting starts and we start our long road to Dallas!

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