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The Lambeau Field Expansion Rolls On

Since Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy appears to be doing a speaking tour to build support for an expansion of Lambeau Field, I'm guessing it's a done deal. It's probably a question of "when" instead of "if". The first report came back in May, and now the Business Journal of Milwaukee has a further update (via Pro Football Talk).

More seating at Lambeau, and potentially more eager fans becoming season ticket holders, sounds like a good idea. It would make the neighborhood around the stadium even more of a post-game mess with an extra 10%+ fans at each game, and I'm not sure they could do anything about the additional traffic. I hope they don't expect Brown County residents to shoulder the burden, but it's almost inevitable that they'll ask for some government dollars. 

What do you think? Should they just leave the stadium alone, or is it time to add more seats.