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The SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame Ballot

UPDATED: Just a reminder to those who missed it early this week that we've got a nomination ballot available online if you are interested in voting. Thanks.

Yesterday was the initial post to set the ballot, and today I've got the ballot up and running. 

This week, APC, Brew Crew Ball, Anonymous EagleBrew Hoop, and Bucky's 5th Quarter, will be conducting votes. Here we will select 10 people to represent the Packers. After we narrow it down to 10 this week, we will vote next month for the Top 10 in Wisconsin from the combined 50. And this is only open to those that have retired, so we won't be starting a Brett Favre debate. The other blogs may be voting with retired and active players or coaches, but I'm keeping it to retired players here.

The ballot is after the jump.