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Packers Camp Remains Hot and Riddled With Injuries

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Why is there a picture of fireworks on the top of this post? It's just a cool picture. 

- Recently Pro Football Focus began restricting their stats to premium members only, but they are still posting articles and have one up on the Green Bay Packers. They point out that the offensive and defensive lines are the team's weak spots, which is fair if you have to pick one or two.

 - It's HOT in Green Bay. The Press-Gazette reported that it felt like 118 degrees. Several veterans sat out the morning practice of the two-a-day, which is a common practice under McCarthy, but probably even more prudent given the heat. Greg Bedard tweets that the Packers haven't had a full, padded practice since last Thursday. I'm not sure it's a big deal so long as all the players get used to game conditions during the preseason games. 

 - According to the Journal-Sentinel, TE Spencer Havner practiced at LB on Thursday, and he's going to play some at LB against the Browns. He's been playing on both sides of the ball, in practice, for the past couple seasons, so it's not exactly a new story.

 - Mike McCarthy wasn't exactly clear who's getting playing time on Saturday, but QB Aaron Rodgers will play about 20 snaps. That seems like a decent amount.

 - Injuries continue to cause some problems. The Journal-Sentinel reported that OL T.J. Lang suffered a quad injury, as his 2010 season begins to turn into an injury-prone one. He spent the summer rehabbing from wrist surgery. While Lang still might play, here are the players McCarthy says won't play on Saturday:

Definitely won’t play? Nick Barnett is a slight chance of playing.Will Blackmon probably not. Alex Joseph I don’t think’s going to make it.Clay Matthews. Obiozor probably not, and Jason Spitz, probably not.

You're probably not familiar with Joseph and/or Obi, but they are both LBs, which means at least 4 of 6 players out will be LBs and explains why Havner will play LB on Saturday.