Players to pay attention to against the Browns

Before I get started on the rant I just have to recommend to everyone here today's article by Andrew Brandt over at NFP. Wow, that's a good read on some CBA stuff. I miss him in the Green Bay FO.

Ok, so the other major article I came across today was a proposed 53 by Mike Vandermause over at the Press Gazette. I know, I've been big on the whole guessing the roster thing, and instead of subjecting everyone to that again I thought I would highlight a few players who should be watched as we start preseason games. These guys may push out someone expected to take a spot or catch on the PS and become future contributors. I'll take on the more obvious ones after the jump, but first here are a few guys you may or may be really thinking about...

1. Quinn Porter. Vandermause is thinking he could be the number three guy. I like that plan so far. Porter is a bit smaller than the typical Packer back, but he's quick on his feet and runs with more power than looks suggest. He's made a few good runs and has turned heads so far. He's even been back there for kick returns, but doesn't seem to have the hands for it yet. All in all, if he can make some noise then it's possible he could pass up Starks or Lumpkin on the depth chart.

2. Anthony Levine. Vandermause has him getting cut. He's turned heads as well out there and making some plays. He's also rooming with Burnett and Shields. I guess the three of them are going over the playbook together to help get over some of the rookie learning curve. With a play or two in the preseason he could help recover some of the depth needed at safety with the current injuries to Blackmon and Bigby.

3. Tom Crabtree. Brandon did a great job of introducing this guy to us recently, so there's not much to say here other than what was in that post.

Now for a few guys that many of know of...

4. Breno!! So he's basically soaked up a roster spot and pay check for a while. It says something when Justin Harrell has more production that you. This may change however and if it does it will start against the Browns. Yesterday Packer fans were treated to two articles stating that Breno might be worth the investment the Packers have made in him. Campen was even quoted in the offseason as saying he expects Breno to push Tausch for a starting job. Crazy? Maybe, but if he can put together some solid performances then we may have something to be excited about.

5. Morgan Burnett. It looks like he's starting, let's see how he can handle another team's ones. Even if the Brown's ones might be another team's twos.

6. Sam Shields. The dude doesn't look like he's got the hands to be a return man, but crap he's making his name for himself as a corner. A few plays here and there in the preseason might make him too valuable to stash on the PS and earn him a place on the 53. The good news if this happens? I would imagine his place would be the one that has been filled by one Jarret Bush.

7. Matt Flynn. I guess there are many in the NFL who love this dude. I know fans don't often see it, but I think there's more than meets the eye with him. I always am reminded of Doug Flutie or Shaun King with Flynn. He shouldn't be be good and he shouldn't win, but man he just does some how. If he can get some good tape out there he could become a starter somewhere...and the Packers can get some picks in return for it. It worked for SD and Charlie Whitehurst.

What are all of you watching for the game this weekend? Is there anyone or a battle I missed?

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