Al Harris to return

I realize it was from a site that in the disclosure stated one of their founders is Al Harris's agent, but wouldn't it be nice if this was true? If we had Harris back, think how that alters the situation at CB. Instead of all of us worrying about who is the 3rd QB, we go back to having Tramon Williams as our Nickleback, which allows Woodson to go back to what he does best which is cover the slot or very often the TE as that's for a lot of teams the best receiver on the field. This allows underwood and lee to go back to doing what they really could use, which is development. This allows sheilds to sit on the practice field and catch ball after ball after having a whole preseason playing with the 2's and even the 1's to get really quality time learning his position and then a whole season to see if he can develop into something special.

In short, I'm pretty happy with this idea. Al Harris is by far our best press coverage guy. Jamming the reciever at the line gives you a ton more time to break up stuff like slants and quick outs, and gives our excellent safety's time to get in position.

Good news....

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