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Several Packers Return To Practice

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While I've spent much of training camp writing about the Green Bay Packers who have gotten hurt, several of those players returned on Tuesday.

The only new player held out due to injury was DE Justin Harrell (I'm sure you can't believe it). According to Mike McCarthy, Harrell's back tightened up. Based on McCarthy's comments, it sounds like he could return to practice as soon as Thursday (no practice on Wednesday).

Greg Bedard reported that OL Jason Spitz, S Will Blackmon, and TE Tom Crabtree all returned to practice on Tuesday. Spitz and Blackmon were out last week, neither played in the first preseason game, and it wasn't exactly clear how serious their respective injuries were. Crabtree injured his hand during Saturday's preseason game and found out on Monday that it wasn't broken. If they can make it through practice this week, I would expect all three will get significant playing time on Saturday.

RB Ryan Grant suffered a concussion in the first preseason game (two plays after his fumble), but he's back at practice on Tuesday. That sounds like a very quick recovery to me, maybe too quick, but I'll just trust the team doctors on this one.

There was a story that CB Al Harris could return to practice by next Monday, and he was seen running on the field during Tuesday's practice. That's still a couple steps away from returning, but he's certainly making progress.