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The Problems With The Vikings

 - I've been hearing for years that it's important to keep control of the locker room. The Vikings thumbed their nose at that wisdom by letting QB Brett Favre hold himself to a different standard than the rest of the team. We'll see if that truly translates onto the field in 2010. Jason Cole reports that the players are losing respect for Brad Childress, and Favre doesn't trust his head coach. Greg Bedard confirms that the story is real, and reminds us that Favre hasn't respected authority in the past.

 - The situation with Vikings WR Percy Harvin is getting serious, as he left practice on Thursday in an ambulance. Kevin Seifert calls the migraines career threatening. It makes sense that a person with "debilitating migraines" shouldn't be playing a sport that involves constant head trauma. His absence would be significant.