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Packers Preseason: Looking Ahead To The Colts

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This is a short week for the Green Bay Packers. The Colts travel to Green Bay for a Thursday night game. It's on ESPN for those that have been shut out so far by the regional broadcast and the ongoing battle your local cable provider has had with the NFL Network. Only two practices are open to the public this week, Monday evening and Tuesday morning, so there should be little news, except updates on injuries. 

As far as what to expect from the Colts? Expect a Packer victory. Not because the Packers will prove themselves superior, but because the Colts are 0-2 this preseason and usually lose their preseason games. Looking back, the Colts have only had a single preseason victory in each of the past three seasons. 

On the other hand, this might mean that the Colts are due for their annual win. QB Aaron Rodgers certainly doesn't have anything left to prove this preseason and he might be pulled early. They might want to give QB Matt Flynn a chance with the first team offense. Also, 3rd string QB Graham Harrell only attempted a single pass against the Seahawks (before he practiced handing the ball off several times) and they might want to get a better look at him. Without Rodgers on hand to provide a couple TDs before he takes a seat, it might be hard to generate enough offense for a win.