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Packer Links: Bulaga, Jenkins Hurt, Zombo Rocks, and The End for Jarrett Bush?

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From the Journal-Sentinel:  "There's a chance we could be seeing the beginning of the end for Jarrett Bush in Green Bay." What?!? I thought that guy was like an indestructible cockroach, ever clinging to his roster spot. He's been bad since whenever it was the first time I've saw him play, but that didn't stop the Green Bay Packers from matching the Titans contract offer in March 2009 or letting him from finish the 2009 season as their nickel back. While he had another brutal game in Seattle last weekend on defense, his downfall might have come on special teams, where he's actually made a play occasionally (and occasionally drawn a 15 yard penalty). The kick coverage had another poor game and Bush is taking part of the blame. TE Donald Lee has also been replaced in practice on special teams. We'll have to wait and see on Thursday if these developments are real.

From Mike McCarthy says LT Bryan Bulaga left practice early with a hip flexor, and DE Cullen Jenkins injured his calf. Neither looks serious, but it seems like half the roster is struggling with some injury or another. I'm just not sure who'll be left to play defense on Thursday night.

From the Journal-Sentinel: When OL Allen Barbre sat out, "no one asked why." It wasn't necessary to give him another shot after his disastrous 2009 season at right tackle, but they moved him to left tackle and left guard and gave him some playing time. His misadventures at left tackle have led to some hits on QB Matt Flynn, and while he's better at left guard, the Packers have a lot of depth with LG Daryn Colledge and Bulaga, in addition to super-sub Jason Spitz.

From the Press-Gazette: which "positions cause concerns?" At the top of the list is linebacker since their entire starting group was held out last week in Seattle. 

From the Press-Gazette: LB Frank Zombo has a decent shot at making the roster. I sure hope so: he's been their best linebacker so far this preseason. The coaches continue to love LB Brady Poppinga, but Zombo seems to do every Brady does and actually pressure/sack the quarterback. LB Brad Jones has played nearly as well, but not nearly as often because he's battled a shoulder injury in training camp.