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Packer Links: Harris is Out, Rodgers is Confident, Jennings is Hurt, and Newhouse is Improved

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Via NFL Players Association: WR Greg Jennings is honored for his community work. Primarily for his work through Habitat for Humanity. As I write this, I'm exhausted because I spent the night volunteering at a local legal aid clinic, so it's great to see people give back to their community.

According to the Press-Gazette and Greg Bedard: CB Al Harris was not able to pass his physical on Monday and he remains on the PUP. I can't say this surprises me at all, despite the optimistic comments last week from his agent. I don't doubt his desire or hard work to return this season, but his knee injury was serious, beyond a typical ACL tear. I would expect it would be at least 12 months before he could return, and it's been well short of 12 months since he had surgery.

From the Journal-Sentinel: QB Aaron Rodgers says the team has a "mature, realistic confidence" this season vs. last season. I had to read that the quote three times before I got it, and I still don't know if having the right confidence in 2010 will make any difference.

In the same Journal-Sentinel post. There are a lot of injuries going around in training camp, but it's hard to tell the severity. It's never good to read that Jennings has back spasms.

From the Press-Gazette: rookie 5th round LT Marshall Newhouse has improved. I don't think I mentioned him after the Seattle game, but he looked much better than he did against the Browns. While he looked OK against the Seahawks, he had a terrible time keeping his man in front of him during the first preseason game. A week ago I thought he had no chance at making the 53-man roster, but now I think it's possible and that is certainly an improvement.