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What Role Should LB Brandon Chillar Play in 2010?

From the Press-Gazette on Green Bay Packers LB Brandon Chillar:

Brandon Chillar will remain a backup option at outside linebacker, but he’s the Packers’ No. 4 man at that position.

Chillar this week moved back to inside linebacker in the Packers’ nickel defense, where he played last year as the Packers’ best cover man at linebacker.

It was noticed earlier this month that when the Packers posted their first official depth chart, Chillar was listed as the starting outside LB. He was given an extended look recently due in part to the fact that LB Brad Jones has missed time with an injured shoulder. During the first two preseason games, Chillar provided zero outside pass rush and was even shoved completely out of the way when QB Matt Hasselbeck threw his only TD pass. Chillar has even admitted his struggles.

While this excludes him from a starting job, he apparently will rotate in for LB A.J. Hawk on passing downs, this is probably his best role. But a few questions remain. Is he really better in coverage than LB Nick Barnett? Why is Hawk getting any playing time if he can't be trusted in coverage? Did Chillar deserve another chance at outside LB?

What is your current opinion of him?