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Monday Packers Training Camp Report

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I've read a number of tweets about the high temperatures at Green Bay Packers training camp, rookie 5th round OT Marshall Newhouse had to take a break from it, while CB Charles Woodson seems to like wearing stocking caps on these hot days (and now TE Jermichael Finley is doing it too). Only one practice on Monday, but two on Tuesday. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they'll be getting a break from the heat.

K Mason Crosby continues to struggle during practice. It's still not a problem for me until it's a problem in a game. Still it would have been nice if they had brought in another kicker to compete for the job.

With LB Brad Jones still out (he took a helmet to the back during Saturday's practice), they decided to shift things around with LB Brandon Chillar moving outside and giving more practice time to LB Desmond Bishop. It's not surprising that Bishop is frustrated with his lack of playing time:

"Hell yes," Bishop said, when asked if his draft status played a role in his lack of playing time. "Oh man. Wow. You have no idea. It’s life. It’s politics. It sucks. Oh man it sucks."

It seems obvious he's talking about LB A.J. Hawk. I've thought Bishop is better against the run, while Hawk is better in pass coverage. It's hard to say that for sure since Bishop has rarely played during the regular season, but I'd grudgingly put Hawk ahead of Bishop.

See if you can catch Greg Bedard's training camp video before NFL rules make him take it down. My favorite part was at the end, when DE Cullen Jenkins swept aside undrafted rookie OT Chris Campbell on a couple drills. It's not that Campbell is that bad (though he's obviously not starting at left tackle in the NFL anytime soon), but that Jenkins can be that good.