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ESPN and AP Reports: Favre Will Not Play in 2010

ESPN and AP reports that QB Brett Favre has told the Minnesota Vikings that he will not return for the 2010 season. My first reaction was: how long will he be "retired" this time?

Brad Childress will hold a press conference later this morning.

I'm still rolling my eyes at his umpteenth retirement announcement, but there could be one difference this time. From the AP:

The person says the 40-year-old Favre called coach Brad Childress to say his injured ankle is not responding as well to surgery and rehabilitation as he had hoped.

Maybe his ankle is just too injured to play on. But it didn't look too bad after all the times he took to the high school practice field over the last month. 

So here's my post about it because I feel obligated to post something. Everything said/written today should be taken with a grain of salt.

And, if by chance, he's really retired this time, it does completely change the playoff picture in the NFC North. QB Tarvaris Jackson hasn't shown any sign that he's stepped up his game after one season of Favre's famous "mentoring".