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Packer Links: Gore Released, Colledge Is The Starter, and Shields At The Nickel

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Sunday was the first practice this week for the Green Bay Packers, and the first of the final three practices to wrap up training camp.

 - The big news this week will be the announcement that five players have to be released before Wednesday. announced that undrafted free agent WR Shawn Gore was the first to go. Gore played college football in Canada, he was drafted in the CFL draft, and it's likely he's headed to Vancouver. I had hoped to see more of him this preseason, but he rarely played. I saw him miss one pass attempt late against the Colts.

 - sidtheelf covered this topic in a FanPost earlier. It was reported that LG Daryn Colledge has kept his starting job. While 2009 was a disaster for him at left tackle, he was OK at left guard. Still it seems like he won the job by default. He beat out OL Jason Spitz, who appeared to have no chance at winning a starting job at either left guard this center. His only real competition was LT Bryan Bulaga, but he's been held back by a hip flexor injury. Do you think he could have beaten out OL T.J. Lang if the Packers hadn't insisted at playing him only at right tackle, or recently at left tackle, this preseason?

 - The nickel cornerback job really hasn't been won by anyone. I had hoped to see CB Pat Lee emerge as an option, but he's struggled, though he looked better against the Colts. CB Brandon Underwood is probably the best option, however he injured his shoulder during the Colts game. Greg Bedard tweeted that Underwood's shoulder is good, so he might still be on target to start the season as the nickel back. There is some recent talk about CB Sam Shields as the nickel back. He's had two INTs this preseason, but that was against the backups. He's looked a little lost when he played against the starters the last two preseason games. He's shown promise as a cornerback, but it's premature to have him play nickel back to start the season.