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Community Poll: Keep The Comments Open Longer

Since I began Acme Packing Company in 2007, I've always left comments open for only seven days. My primary concern has been trolls and spam, but some members have said they'd prefer leaving the comments open longer. Many of you have noticed there is a probationary membership of one day, which is done to keep the robo-spam at bay. It probably does a good job of discouraging trolls too. So it's probably OK to keep the comments thread open longer, but I would still like to close them at some point.

Below is a poll asking for your opinion on the subject. I can change the length of time to any number of days, but I narrowed it down to just a few choices. I don't expect any post would have a lot of comments after 14 days, but I don't really know. Let me know what you think.

I had been putting this post off for a while because initially I had thought about including a few other topics in with it. But I decided I liked the other settings: Two recommends required to highlight a Comment, FanShot, or FanPost, and one flag to raise an alert. Please use the comments if you think we should revisit those settings too.

UPDATE: The poll was open for almost a full week, and 14 days squeaked out a narrow victory. It's been updated to that as of September 6th.