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Brett Favre Retirement Watch - Day 2

Update: I doubt this will surprise anybody. From AP (via Yahoo): "Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, both said Wednesday that the veteran quarterback plans to play if he is healthy."

Here's yesterday's post and comments after it was reported that QB Brett Favre is not going to play in 2010. And here's the most frustrating part of this whole situation, from Judd Zulgad:

That this is going to be strung out for as long as he stays "retired". Brad Childress said he hadn't heard "from the horse's mouth" but the reports say that the Vikings players and officials have been informed (just not Chilly directly). So I guess the strategy is to act deaf in public, and keep using the word "fluid" as a code word for talking him out of it. There's already the offer of more money on the table, but it will take more ego stroking than just that. I'm sure we'll read a lot more rumors and reports from Mississippi before this is all over.