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First Week of Packers Training Camp Wraps Up

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From Mike McCarthy's press conference:

I’m concerned about the health of our football team right now. Our medical report doesn’t look very good.

His immediate point was about the Family Night Scrimmage. He might cut things a bit short, and hold out several players. The injuries aren't severe, even SS Atari Bigby could return from ankle surgery before the regular season begins, but they do keep adding up. LB Brady Poppinga was held out on Friday with a concussion, will miss the scrimmage, and should be out for a little longer. 

At the Journal-Sentinel, Greg Bedard posted a video from practice with various cornerbacks getting beat early and often in one-on-one coverage. What really caught my eye was how alone they looked out there. It's not like when there are 22 players running around after each snap. Just my way of mentioning again that I'm much more interested in how they play during the preseason games.

With the above mentioned injury to Bigby, and the absence of S Will Blackmon because of problems with his knee, they are getting a little short handed in the secondary. I found one report at Yahoo claiming they've re-signed former practice squad CB Trevor Ford, but it's not been made official yet. I don't expect he's a serious threat to make the 53-man roster, but they might need some extra bodies in practice.