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SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame Nomination #10 - Reggie White

The Minister of Defense, DE Reggie White, had an incredible Hall of Fame career with 13 trips to the Pro Bowl, 8 first-team All-Pro honors, and was twice named NFL defensive player of the year. And fans of the Green Bay Packers didn't watch many of his best seasons. He didn't sign with the Packers as a free agent until he was 31 years old in 1993, and we missed his incredible 1986 through 1991 seasons when he was named first-team All-Pro six straight times. But we did watch one of his best games, the above picture is from Super Bowl 31(XXXI) when he recorded 3 sacks.

I was recently watching the 1993 playoff win at Detroit, and White is in many of the highlights. He actually surprised me. My memories of him are from 1996-1998 when he was used exclusively at defensive end. He still had his strength and initial quickness, but he didn't run anymore. If the play went away from him, I remember him jogging after plays. But back in 1993, the Packers played him a lot at tackle on passing downs, and he was still pursuing up and down the line of scrimmage. He just seemed agile in 1993, but by the late 90s he had to rely on his strength alone to get the job done.