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Packers at Eagles: Questions About The Eagles Answered

Earlier I posted some questions about the Eagles offense and the Eagles defense with Jason of Bleeding Green Nation. I also had a chance to trade emails with Cory at Bleed Green, and my answers were posted here. Here are my questions to him:

Acme Packing Company: What's your impression of Kevin Kolb? The stats don't matter as much in the preseason, but his were pretty unimpressive. What's your take on his poor statistical preseason performance?

Bleed Green: By no means did Kolb shine in the preseason, as many Eagle fans would have liked. That certainly doesn't mean he's on track for a horrid regular season, we've seen in countless other instances, a player, or an entire team, can flop in the exhibitions but dominate when the score matters. Admittedly, the young quarterback's performances were a bit shaky, and his ability to call pre-snap audibles and adjust to his surroundings will definitely be things to keep an eye on as the year progresses. I also credit his so-so outings to the play of the offensive line, which has since been seemingly solidified with the addition of Reggie Wells and a healthy Jamaal Jackson and Nick Cole.

APC: Other than the change from McNabb to Kolb, what is the biggest difference in the 2010 Eagles vs. 2009?

BG: The change from McNabb to Kolb garnered the most attention, but I think the most important transition comes on the defensive side of the ball. The defensive line has been revamped, with the likes of Darren Howard and Chris Clemons being removed from the roster and younger players, including 1st-round Draft pick Brandon Graham, the versatile Antwan Barnes, and former Seahawk Darryl Tapp, being brought in. In addition, the LB corps has gotten its leader back, the previously-injured Stewart Bradley, while the secondary has also undergone some big changes; rookie Nate Allen is scheduled to start at safety, and two first-stringers from last year are no longer on the depth chart.