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Packers Injuries Against the Eagles: Grant, Jenkins, Harrell, and Collins

There's the play Grant got hurt on.
There's the play Grant got hurt on.

From Mike McCarthy's post-game news conference:

Ryan Granthad an ankle sprain, and he did not return, so I can’t tell you exactly how long he’ll be out.  Also,Cullen Jenkins had a broken hand, he did return with a cast. Justin Harrell, it looked like he had a significant knee injury and he did not return. AndNick Collins had the bruised ribs there in the fourth quarter and he did return.



And that's the end of the return of Harrell. Greg Bedard's tweet informs us that "significant injury" means "season-ending." It's not his fault he keeps getting hurt, but staying healthy is a talent too, and he just doesn't have it. 

Jenkins already returned during the game, and his pass pressure up the middle was a big reason why the defense held on. Also, with the injuries to Harrell, if Jenkins hadn't returned, then NT B.J. Raji and DE Ryan Pickett would have played nearly the entire game without substitution. Collins's injury took place on a big 3rd down incompletion that forced the Eagles to settle for a FG. Not a game deciding play, but huge for momentum. Right now, I'd expect they'll both play next week, but either of them could easily have a set back. 

Unfortunately it's unclear about Grant. He clearly wanted to return, he was pacing up-and-down the sidelines for the entire 2nd half, but the medical staff took away his helmet so he wouldn't. He did have a boot on by the end of the game, but he was still wearing both shoes during the third quarter. Everyone will be watching to see how his ankle responds to treatment next week.