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Analysis: Could The Packers Trade For Marshawn Lynch?

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It's been speculated that another possible trade partner for the Green Bay Packers might be the Buffalo Bills, who currently have former Pro Bowl RB Marshawn Lynch listed third on their depth chart. Lynch was officially disgruntled this offseason after the Bills selected RB C.J. Spiller in the 1st round last April, and it was reported that he wanted a trade.

When QB Aaron Rodgers was asked about a possible trade, the Journal-Sentinel reported that he said to "bring him on." Despite this, and other trade rumors floated over the past few months, it's also been reported that the Bills are not making Lynch available in a trade. Greg Bedard pointed out that the Bills reportedly turned down an offer of a 3rd round pick for Lynch a while back, and GM Ted Thompson isn't likely to surrender a pick that high. He's also had a couple brushes with the law that earned him a three game suspension during 2009. The Bills have remained high on Lynch and have named him their starting running back, actually one of their three starting running backs (although he's technically not a starter). He's also been battling an ankle injury recently, though he played in their season opener.

During the rare times I've watched a Bills game, I haven't been all that impressed with him. Though that could be due to the Bills offensive line. They've maintained good run blocking rankings at Football Outsiders, but they looked awful the last time I saw them play against the Packers and they stunk last week too. He's always been a good receiver which was something I pointed out when I suggested the Packers draft Lynch with their 1st round pick in 2007. He certainly might run a lot better if he played alongside Rodgers instead of QB Trent Edwards.

The likelihood of a trade for Lynch is pretty low. Greg Bedard tweeted that the chances are about 1%. The combination of the Bills reluctance to trade him, plus the likely high trade demands, make it very unlikely.