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Losing (Badly) To The Packers Forces The Bills To Bench Edwards

That sure didn't take long. From Buffalo Rumblings:

That relegates Trent Edwards back to the bench after just two starts under Gailey...

Ryan Fitzpatrick, in his second year with the team, led the Bills to a 5-4 record in games in which he took the majority of snaps in 2009.

That's a raw deal for Edwards. Yes, Edwards is awful, but so is Fitzpatrick. And Chan Gailey makes the move right before facing the Patriots secondary, which features ("one of the worst games I've ever seen") CB Darius Butler, who helped QB Mark Sanchez improve his QB rating by over 65 points in just one week. That'll give Fitzpatrick more credit then he deserves, and could have helped Edwards prove he can rebound from a tough week. 

One other post on the game from Buffalo Rumblings, DE Chris Kelsay should never be allowed to cover WR Donald Driver in the slot. Kelsay's arguably their best pass rusher, but just like the Packers had to do with DE Aaron Kampman last year, the Bills have to find a way to keep Kelsey on the field and far away from good receivers.