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Packers At No. 2 In SB Nation NFL Power Rankings

The Green Bay Packers come in at No. 2 in our power rankings:

The Packers won the game they were supposed to against the Bills. Monday Night Football next week may be the game of the week between the 2-0 Packers and 2-0 Bears.

I'm not involved with putting the rankings together, but it seems to give teams more credit for their 2009 performance then I would expect. For example, the Bears are ranked No. 15 despite a 2-0 record and coming off a good road win. I know it's not too impressive to see QB Jay Cutler pad his stats against the Lions "secondary", and the Cowboys win is just one game, but I would give them a little more credit.

In a way that makes the list great. It's so subjective. There are eight teams with a record of 2-0, and three of them are ranked at No. 15 or lower on the list. With two 0-2 teams in the top 11.