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On Bryan Bulaga, Vincent Jackson, and Shaun Hill

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 - I was asked in the comments about LT Bryan Bulaga's performance last week, and I realized I hadn't been paying attention to him. The Bills do not have a fearsome pass rush, so I wasn't watching him take on a great pass rusher. Maybe it's a good thing that I hadn't noticed him because I usually only notice lineman when they commit a penalty or miss a block. According to the Journal-Sentinel, former GM Ron Wolf had been watching Bulaga during the Bills game and said he "had a nice game, really nice game." 

 - And so ends the Vikings pursuit of WR Vincent Jackson. The Vikings apparently offered a 2nd round pick, but the Chargers decided it wasn't good enough. I'm not exactly sure why the Chargers were shopping him, but I don't think they ever wanted to trade him. They certainly could use him. The Chargers offense stalled in their comeback attempt against the Chiefs in week 1 because they lacked a 2nd receiver who could've made them pay for double covering TE Antonio Gates.

 - The Lions are entering week 2 of the QB Shaun Hill era. It's been announced that Hill will start at least one more week, while QB Matthew Stafford's injured shoulder heals. The Lions offense could have some big play potential, but not if Hill is unable to throw the ball further than 7 yards downfield.