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Packer Notes: On Injuries, The Offensive Line, and Penalties

 - Only three Green Bay Packers were hurt during the Monday night game. According to Mike McCarthy, TE Jermichael Finley had some cramping (which shouldn't be a problem going forward) and FS Nick Collins had a knee sprain. The next day, he added LB Brandon Chillar with a shoulder strain and said Collins may miss practice this week.

 - Mike McCarthy said his offensive tackles on Monday night "just did OK." While watching the game, it seemed like RT Mark Tauscher was having the worst game of his career, but McCarthy did point out that they didn't allow a single sack (though DE Julius Peppers was very disruptive) and that two of the holding penalties were by LG Daryn Colledge and RG Josh Sitton. Sitton was also knocked on his butt during the blocked field goal, so when you factor in that special teams play, I'd say Sitton has the slight edge as least valuable offensive lineman in week 3. But obviously there were at least four candidates for the award. Which offensive lineman drove you crazy while watching?

 - After one of several questions about penalties, Mike McCarthy discusses the personal foul on rookie LB Frank Zombo and called it a "grey area." He doesn't dispute the call at all, Zombo's helmet did hit QB Jay Cutler's helmet, but it happened right as Zombo came out of a spin move and while he was being held from behind. His point wasn't that it shouldn't be a penalty, but there's nothing the coaches can do to stop a chain of events like that from happening.