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Frank Zombo Is The Starting Linebacker

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Despite LB Brad Jones's return to practice, the Green Bay Packers are going all in on Zombo. From Mike McCarthy:

Frank Zombo is the starting outside linebacker today, in my opinion. It is something we have talked about here since I have arrived. You have to be available and you need to be accountable, and Brad is going through an injury situation right now. I’m not sure if he is healthy enough to play Sunday, so we’re going to play the prepared players.

Whenever I've seen this come up in the comments, I usually jump to Jones's defense and remind everyone that he's a pretty good player too. But he hasn't been healthy, and he hasn't been seen on the field much this season (which is why I have to remind). It's a tough question if both are healthy, and it's almost a no-brainer if Jones is certain to be available on Sunday.