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NFL Roster Cuts: I Can't Believe The Packers Kept Them

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There aren't a lot of surprises on the Green Bay Packers final 53 man roster, but I'll mention a few:

FB Quinn Johnson, FB Korey Hall, and TE Tom Crabtree. All these guys are lumped together in one category: how did they beat out TE Spencer Havner? Johnson's still an iffy receiver, but his lead blocking skills seem first rate. Hall never seems to be given much of a chance with Johnson and FB John Kuhn around, but he keeps hanging on. And I say that as a big fan who wishes he got more playing time. Crabtree is here a little bit on potential, his broken hand and subsequent cast gave him an incomplete grade as a receiver. But he showed off his skills as a blocker when he owned Colts 1st round LB Jerry Hughes during their preseason game. Havner's a good blocker too, and arguably a better receiver than the other three players. It's not a major upset, but I'm still surprised.

WR Brett Swain. It doesn't look like he's gotten his speed back after his ACL surgery, but he does everything right. And that was a struggle for many of the other receivers battling for the 5th WR job. I'm not surprised he beat out players like WR Jason Chery, but I'm surprised the Packers decided to keep five wide receivers. 

OL Nick McDonald. He just always seemed to be there, which is maybe a good quality in an offensive lineman. I didn't notice that he was just getting his job done. I need to re-watch the Chiefs game and take a closer look at him.

DE C.J. Wilson. Nothing against him but I didn't really notice him either this preseason. Again, maybe that's a good quality for a defensive end in the 3-4 defense. He was just always at the bottom of the pile. I've got to re-watch that Chiefs game...

S Derrick Martin and S Charlie Peprah. They both looked good against the second string players, but I don't trust them to play like that when the starters come out. Martin seemed likely to make the roster from the beginning, but the injury to SS Atari Bigby probably guaranteed it. Peprah is here only because of Bigby's injury and S Will Blackmon release/injury settlement.

CB Jarrett Bush. The guy is a termite. It doesn't matter how bad he plays, he knows the system (for all the good it does him) and keeps his job. It didn't hurt him that the Packers kept nearly every cornerback they brought to training camp.