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Charles Woodson Receives Two-Year Extension

As reported by ESPN, CB Charles Woodson has received a two-year contract extension. It's good news for him, but business as usual for the Green Bay Packers. They typically reward their veterans with contract extensions, most recently with WR Donald Driver, to make sure that their base salary is in line with comparable players. For Woodson, that recent comparison is CB Darrelle Revis. From ESPN:

"Overall it's a new five-year deal with a max value of over $55 million that has $21 million in advances and bonuses," agent Carl Poston told KDVR...

Woodson gets an extension just days after New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis signed a four-year, $46 million extension with $32 million guaranteed.

And while the Packers reward the player with a higher base salary, the player typically accepts less in guaranteed money (Woodson is set to receive $11 million less in guaranteed money than Revis), which helps make it a win for both sides.