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Radio Interview: James Starks On His Role

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Before last weekend, I doubt any radio producer was eager to book an interview with the Green Bay Packers fourth string running back. But after Mike McCarthy went with the hot hand, RB James Starks is being talked about nationally. He was interviewed by Tony Bruno, and a transcript with a link to the audio is available at Sports Radio Interviews:

"I really didn’t know. I wasn’t expecting anything. I was just going into practice, busting my tail, working as hard as I can, and trying to fight for an opportunity."

He went into the week not knowing if he'd be given a single carry. In the four games after he had 18 carries against the 49ers, he's only had eleven carries, and I believe he was inactive for two weeks. He might still be inactive if FB Korey Hall hadn't missed a couple games due to a knee injury. With Hall back at practice, it will be interesting to see which running back or full back is left inactive against the Falcons.