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Standing Up For Aaron Rodgers

I had read this post from Pro Football Talk attacking QB Aaron Rodgers for blowing off a cancer patient. I'd like to have written something about it, but since I didn't know anything else, I left it alone. But other fans didn't.

Over at SB Nation Bay Area is a the entire rebuttal by Avinash Kunnath (a huge Cal Golden Bears fan), which includes a link to Aaron Nagler's response at Cheesehead TV. Certainly better then anything I could write about it. Consider this an open thread on the subject.

Also, from SB Nation Bay Area, is a link pointing out the college connection between LB Desmond Bishop and TE Tony Gonzalez. And how Bishop might have made the tackle that ended Gonzalez's career. Plus a reminder of the big play Bishop made to stop another fellow alum, WR DeSean Jackson, the week before.