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2011 NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers Continue To Slide

One consequence of the Green Bay Packers run to the NFC Championship game is that their draft spot continues to slide. They'll draft no better then No. 28 overall. That's the bad news (which is enormously overshadowed by the opportunity to get to the Super Bowl). 

The good news is that it means they might have an opportunity to draft Badger DE J.J. Watt at the end of the 1st round. That's the prediction in the latest SB Nation mock draft. They could certainly use more depth on the defensive line.

A consequence of that decision would mean that the Packers would probably not keep DE Cullen Jenkins. Even after he missed a few games this season, he's still second on the team with seven sacks (his career best). Obviously he's a player they'd like to keep, but I'm not sure he's a player they can afford to keep. Whether or not Jenkins returns next season will be one of the more interesting plots this offseason.